You have visited the official homepage of © World of Multihack, a leading software for game hacking on Metin2 private servers. World of Multihack allows to enable several hack options like speedhack, wallhack and more! We are a big community with over 3000 registered accounts and a minimum of 130.000 visitors on our official release thread.


The first version of World of Multihack (v1) was released in 2015. Now after 3 years the hack gots a lot of new features and a general improved system. Since (v2) version 2.8 a new control panel was implemented. The source has around 5000 lines of code and was developed with AutoItv3. The hack was remaked in 2016. This is our "v2 project". In 2014 I found a known hacker buddy called EasyFarm on Elitepvers.com. He helped me alot in the past with metin2 game hacking.


This software is completely freeware and will be updated regulary. All you have to do it downloading the latest version. Only the official 'uploaded.net' link is supported to keep this project alive. While downloading on 'uploaded.net', advertising might be presented. Downloading and using this hack is for free you don't need to pay any cent.


Please keep in mind that some antivirus software can detect the software as false-positive virus. First you have to know that you are downloading a hack focused on memory manipulation. It's obviously that antivirus systems can detect these kind of programs. If you don't trust our software you can run it in a sandbox tool or contacting your antivirus software company to check this software in their laboratory. Of course we are working on false-positive detections and we try our best to keep it in a good status.