Is World of Multihack completely free?

Yes, World of Multihack is officially licensed as freeware.

Does World of Multihack work on every private server?

No, only high requested servers which has no hack protection. Here you can see the compatibility list of supported server.

Is World of Multihack a virus?

Please keep in mind that some antivirus software can detect the software as false-positive virus. First you have to know that you are downloading a hack focused on memory manipulation. It's obviously that antivirus systems can detect these kind of programs. If you don't trust our software you can run it in a sandbox tool or contacting your antivirus software company to check this software in their laboratory. Of course we are working on false-positive detections and we try our best to keep it in a good status.

I cannot run World of Multihack.

It's possible that your antivirus has blocked the execution of World of Multihack. Please set the software in your whitelist of your antivirus. An additional installed firewall can block several functions of World of Multihack. Please set the software in your whitelist of your external firewall if any exists. The Windows-Firewall does not block anything of World of Multihack.
You have to run World of Multihack as administrator. Otherwise memory hacking has no affect to your game client.

What can I do if World of Multihack is under maintenance?

You cannot do anything. Just be patient and calm down! Contacting our support does not hurry up the delay of maintenance.

What can I do if World of Multihack is offline?

First you should wait for a while. If sql or server is still down for several hours, you can report the issue to our support.

What can I do if World of Multihack does not work anymore?

Please contact our support. We will check if the server got a massive update. We will try to update the software.

Is the hack detected by the private server providers?

No, we are further working to keep the hack undetected.

I got banned while using World of Multihack.

Unfortunately bans are possible when players are hacking. Maybe your hack settings are to obviously. Please keep in mind that you should not hacking while any player is at your place. Activating security functions on the hack panel should minimize the ban risk.

Some hack functions are not compatible on my private server.

If you receive a message "This function is not working on your server" it means you cannot use this function because it's already fixed on your server or you will be banned by using this function.